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Our Program

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After completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Identify risks, assess threats, and develop effective countermeasures aimed at protecting organizational assets on-premise and in the cloud.

  • Prevent common security threats, including implementing firewall and VPN technologies and perimeter defenses, conducting vulnerability and penetration testing and scanning networked systems.

  • Discuss relevant laws, regulations and frameworks as they apply to data privacy and cybersecurity operations.

  • Demonstrate the legal and technical aspects of a cybercrime investigation and the application of computer forensic tools.

The AAS in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy prepares students for entry-level positions in cybersecurity and data privacy. Graduates will be prepared to become leaders in cybersecurity, with a solid understanding of security technology and privacy laws, preparing them to make knowledgeable and responsible decisions. The program also offers students a transfer option to four-year institutions.

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