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Turtle Mountain Community College Cybersecurity Center

Named one of the Top Cyber Defense and Data Privacy Programs in the Nation

Welcome to the TMCC
Cyber Defense
and Data Privacy Center

Program Description

The Cyber Defense and Data Privacy programs prepare students for entry-level positions in cybersecurity and data privacy. Graduates will be prepared to become leaders in cybersecurity, with a solid understanding of security technology and privacy laws, preparing them to make knowledgeable and responsible decisions. The program also offers students a transfer option to four-year institutions.

Labor Market

According to the Cyber Crime Magazine, the top 10 percent of cybersecurity analysts make over $117,000 per year, while the median annual salary is $76,000. New data indicates that of all IT jobs, cybersecurity engineers- with an average annual salary of $140,000- were the highest paying and most recruited heading into 2019.

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Featured Student

Trayor Allery


I'm Trayor Allery, a dedicated cybersecurity enthusiast and an active participant in TMCC's prestigious cybersecurity program. My journey into this captivating field began with an innate curiosity about technology's vulnerabilities and a passion for protection while surfing the digital world. Throughout my time at TMCC, I've embraced a dynamic learning environment that has allowed me to delve into various aspects of cybersecurity, from ethical hacking to risk assessment. Engaging in exhilarating cybersecurity competitions and benefiting from invaluable mentorship, I've honed my skills and developed a strong sense of love and interest toward cyber defense. As I continue to learn and grow, I am committed to contributing my expertise to create a more secure digital world for all.

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